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  What is Cart Nouveau?

Cart Nouveau™ is a truly new system for online shopping-cart management developed by 20/20 Technologies. We proudly offer this technology to clients who need to integrate an ecommerce system (shopping cart) with their web site. Far more powerful that the "off the shelf" solutions that are so common these days, we are convinced that integrating this technology with your site can markedly improve online sales.

  Benefits of Cart Nouveau

With a thousand off-the-shelf shopping cart programs available, what makes us think that we've got something special? Cart Nouveau is more than just a shopping cart--it provides a robust and integrated platform that integrates the shopping experience with the entire web site, which can improve your profitability. Some of its strongest points are listed below:

  1. Increased Search Engine Exposure - Many people shop online by finding the product they want to purchase in major search engines, such as Google, or Lycos. Unfortunately, most online shopping cart systems have serious flaws in this department--in fact, many are so search-engine unfriendly that the pages they produce are completely unindexable by the search engines! Cart Nouveau not only produces pages which can be indexed, but uses a variety of tactics to improve the ranking of these pages. This produces an additional stream of revenue, and attracts new customers.

  2. Integration of Shopping/Non-Shopping Areas - Not all e-commerce sites are strictly e-commerce. Sometimes a site will begin as an online store, then extend its free features in an effort to attract new customers. Other times, what began as a site without a store turns into an e-commerce venture. The kludges that result from this often leave tell-tale signs: it may be impossible to access certain parts of the site from some areas, or even worse, it may be possible for potential customers to 'dump their carts' by accidentally clicking out of the store before checking out. Cart Nouveau tackles this problem by providing the developer with a complete web-development environment, including page templates, user-tracking, and a toolbox of useful HTML functions. The end result: a fully seamless web site, where all pages on the site are in fact part of the shopping experience.

  3. Ease of Use for the Customer - Shopping online can be a dreadful experience when the customer is forced to work with obfuscated or buggy software. Cart Nouveau seeks to set a new standard in e-commerce ergonomics, thereby increasing both initial sales and customer retention. This is accomplished through sensible user interfaces, and a powerful navigational system which allows the web designer to easily give all pages on the site the a similar look-and-feel. It is one of the few shopping cart systems which displays the current cart on the screen, every single page, to constantly remind the user that they have an order waiting to check-out.

  4. Secure - Some sites link to external sources to implement a payment scheme through a third party secure server, while others provide secure pages on their own site. Whichever method best suits your needs, Cart Nouveau will use the secure SSL protocol to transmit all sensitive information: credit cards, site passwords, even customer addresses and telephone numbers. When the third party is eliminated, the doors are open to extremely sophisticated techniques, such as Amazon's famous "one-click checkout."

  5. Cookie Friendly - Do you eat cookies, or are you on a diet? Either way, Cart Nouveau wants your business. Cookies are a powerful part of the web protocol (HTTP) which allows web sites to uniquely identify users. However, for a variety of reasons, a significant percentage of those who use the web do not accept cookies. This is cause for concern with many online shopping systems. Cart Nouveau strives to achieve the best of both worlds: for users with cookies, a single non-invasive cookie is sent to their machine the first time they visit the site; that cookie will be used to identify them on subsequent visits. For users without cookies, the site will work exactly as it would with them, except that upon a return visit they can opt to "log in" to preserve their identity.

  6. Affiliate Friendly - Nearly all major online stores have affiliate programs to help them boost sales. Many of the advantages listed above are instrumental in building a solid and profitable relationship with your affiliates. For example, the fact that the pages are indexable in the search engines will allow many affiliates who are search-engine wizards to saturate the engines with links to your site. The fact that the site is easy to use will help ensure that visitors from affiliates are easily converted to sales. The integration between the site and the shopping areas allows affiliates to link to non-shopping features and later be credited for sales, an increasingly popular alternative to linking directly to product pages.

  7. Powerful Webmaster Tools - Our system of template files makes managing large and complex sites a breeze. You can instantly change thousands of pages by simply modifying a simple template. What's more, these are 'smart templates' which modify themselves depending upon what the customer does, or where they click. This greatly cuts down on development time, and can produce sophisticated features. E.g., the site motif may change temporarily during a holiday season.

  8. Powerful Administrative Tools - Analyzing the way your customers interact with your web site is a crucial part of optimizing your site's profitability. Our suite of administrative tools helps those in charge of the site learn how the system is being used in ways that generic web-statistic programs cannot. Learn how many users abandon their carts, how many return visitors you receive, and which sales pitches are working the best.

  Sites that Use Cart Nouveau

Cart Nouveau is very new, so our live demonstrations are rather limited. Stop back soon for more sites listed below.

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