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Did you know that 20/20 Technologies is one of the most plagiarized sites on the internet? See the culprits at our Plagiarism Gallery.

The ultimate goal of your web site is to make money. At 20/20 Technologies, we never lose sight of that simple fact.

Everything on your web site which isn't helping you make sales is helping you lose sales. It isn't always what a web site has that makes it great--sometimes it's what it doesn't have. Every page, sentence, and graphic in your web site must be weighed carefully to determine if it adds to the site, or detracts from it. To help us stay focused on this idea, we have come up with a list of five requirements for all web sites:

*Clarity of purpose
*Intuitive navigation

When 20/20 Technologies designs a site, every element--from the smallest graphic to the most complex java application--must fullfill one of the above purposes. And if it does, the element is created and deployed accurately to present the best possible image of your company.

Let us put our web design skills to work for you. Contact us today to arrange for a conference.

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