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Software is the key to interactivity. Behind every high-profile, highly interactive web site, are thousands of lines of software code. This allows the users to be participants instead of merely readers.

Perl: The Internet Programmer's "Swiss Army Chainsaw." While we are well versed in many programming languages, we prefer Perl for internet jobs. Perl is ideally suited for the heavy text-processing jobs, and for working fluidly with the many disparate resources that the internet offers. Perl is fast, powerful, flexible, and in the words of its creator, "magical."

So what exactly can we accomplish with this magic? Try us! From online auctions to ecommerce, from message forums to web spiders, the possibilities are endless. Don't believe designers who tell you that these high-end features are the exclusive domain of the large corporate sites. If you are looking for a specific web site feature, even if you haven't seen it implemented elsewhere, contact 20/20 Technologies for a free quote.

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